Beauties Who Were Bullies

I believe it is sometimes easy for other people from other homelands to bully a Filipino. It may be due to our color, our small stature, our funny accent, our alleged “inferior” education… and the list goes on. There are many reasons which I cannot readily and effusively describe, as I am, but an ignorant person in certain areas of thought. There is no such proficiency that I lay claim to. But I recognize actuality even in undertones and simple undercurrents. It is true now as it was true in the earlier times. Need I mention the epochs when the Philippines was under the regimes of Spain, Japan, America, and who knows what other undocumented nations with super powers?

My notion has just met its validation when a Filipino contestant named Maude from a certain Modelling Competition on TV was caught unawares of a plot devised to thwart and discourage her by a certain Claire, Shyn and Tuanne. They proposed a plan to “tell” Maude that she did not deserve to be in the top five of the said competition just because Maude is only “the girl with the pretty face”.

Tell her, indeed! They acted out their plan to trample on poor Maude who was merely sitting at the dining table one afternoon, eating her greens… recounting the day’s events with another aspiring model.

At first, Claire, Shyn, and Tuanne “communed” with Maude at the dining table, feigning general amicability and camaraderie while munching on their leafy greens. Then they did not break it to her gently – they just dropped the bomb like the Americans did on Nagasaki and Hiroshima grounds as a counter to the surprise air-strike of Japan on trousers-down Pearl Harbor.

Claire said it first… then Shyn… then Tuanne.

Boom – boom – boom!

“You think you can compete with us with your pretty face, but no skills?” challenged Claire. Her eyes glowering in an attempt to faze Maude.


“I’m sorry, Maude, but I don’t see you as a top model right now,” affronted Shyn.


“We’re not of the same level,” was Tuanne’s almost-laughing-in-disbelief ridicule.


They all said so in jumping, stumbling, staccato phrasing! To which, Maude countered with poise and composure, “It’s not for you to say that. It’s the judges’ decision…” in one succinct slide of English.

I never rooted for Maude hitherto, but I have a soft spot for the bullied and for those whom people gang-up on for no reason… most especially if such “reason” as they claim, is as paradoxical as “just a pretty face”. I’ve had my share of  something like that in the past and it isn’t a happy memory… Nobody deserves to be bullied just because she is too pretty or too ugly!

Come on, World!

…so I guess I will root for Maude now that she has proven enough to warrant my respect for her discretion, beliefs and demeanor… and because despite being bullied, she thrived.

These days, the underdog usually wins…

3 thoughts on “Beauties Who Were Bullies

  1. I surprised that anyone would look down on Filipinos. But then, I’m always surprised and dismayed when any group of people is demeaned. We are all human and each of us has our own strengths. We come from different cultures and our countries have different histories. But in the end, we are all human. I was saddened this morning to hear of the ISIS foothold they are getting there. I didn’t realize this was happening to your country and I hope the fighting will soon end.


    1. It happened… it happens… we all have a share of “bullying”, I realized. It never results to good feelings. I could only write about it… ISIS? They’re getting closer. Fear is building up. I could only hope for the best for my “almost defenseless” country… Thank you so much for minding and caring. (I say this with a smile). I wish I could expound more on my gratitude, but I don’t want to sound too mushy…

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