Happy Kick of Endorphins

It’s a Friday. Papa finally arrived from Hawaii. It’s just nice a feeling to have him back home. It’s as if we lost him for a long, long time.

The house is now filled with chocolates and stuff from the U.S. There’s a distinct smell… a scent that wafts in the air. I like it very much – it emanates newness, cleanliness, and genuineness… Wiser folks shrug it off as simply “the smell of the balikbayan box”.

I popped the newest kind of mini-Hershey into my choco-salivating mouth…

I felt a sudden surge of gratefulness for these things. It dawned on me how much I am blessed.

I popped a diminutive version of a Baby Ruth into my insatiable mouth…

Papa also showed us pictures taken in Hawaii. The beauty and grandeur of that lost heaven is indeed charming and captivating. Even amateur pictures and a slapdash photographic flair prove so.

I popped a miniature Musketeer into my eager-for-sweets mouth…

I thought of sharing my portion of the chocolates to Mau, Ynah, Pearl, Vivian, Clarissa, Louie, Erwin, Ray, Omar… and Oliver perhaps… I had second thoughts, however, “I think I’ll keep these to myself”, I declared.

I popped a baby Snickers into my mouth…

I went to school and I suddenly felt powerful. It’s as if I had been precipitously showered with eloquence, courage, wisdom and confidence. I was relentlessly reciting and tossing precise answers. For a day, I seemed to be the best – I felt like the best. And there was no way to deny or doubt that. What a momentum!

I popped a chunk of Cadbury into my sugar-hankering mouth…

School is good, I realized. If there’s one thing that I have learned to absolutely love, it is schooling and the extra-curricular activities where I excel in.

I popped a miniscule Reese’s into my unsatisfied mouth…

I also learned to love music more, especially now that I am accountable and responsible for the music in Church, albeit impermanent. With my parents’ temporary absence hitherto, I was obliged to take over. Indeed! God set me up in situations where there is an opportunity to grow and explore things for myself. I finally know what I truly love and what I am created for. I am purposed for things such as this… Some, at least, I have yet to know and discover. But I am feeling optimistic.

I popped a pocket-sized Ferrero into my aching-for-choco mouth…

I found myself praying with a heart full of thanksgiving. It feels like I have been truly blessed. I resolved henceforth, to be a hope and inspiration to everyone I meet – to be a light to the world in my own little way. I’ve realized how much I love helping and thinking about others.

Strange – this exhilarating effect…

In the meantime, I have to pop one of these Caramacs into my greedy mouth…

– Before Facebook Mattered Series

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