Ross of Norzagaray

I like the name Ross – Ross for a guy. I would consider naming my baby Ross if he turns out to be a dude. I like Ross in FRIENDS. There is so much personality and animation in the name Ross.

But I’ve just heard Kabayan, Noli de Castro mention the place Norzagaray, Bulacan and I remembered a certain Ross who hails from Norzagaray. The same Ross who trains newbies in a certain Account – the one who pronounces “account” as [Îkaunt] and who likes pretty petite girls like Tameka Jomo-Gbomo.

I still like the name Ross, but I don’t like the most recent face associated with Ross. If Ross of Norzagaray did not flaunt his invisible “goods” to Tameka Jomo-Gbomo, I would’ve considered liking him. If he did not go gaga like a girl over Tameka, I would’ve esteemed him highly. If he talked more to the majority of the class than to Tameka during training, I would’ve respected him.

Tameka Jomo-Gbomo had no idea, of course. She was as naïve and gullible as a baby. I read Austen, she said, but she didn’t know when a man’s rod came poking… prodding… and plugging into her. She didn’t know she was gravid before 18 and Ross liked her still.

I still like the name Ross, but I have yet to meet another Ross with a face different from the face seared in my mind and who isn’t crazy over a credulous Miss.

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