I hate to be the bearer of bad news. The following account is an update in the love life of a friend. We are friends in the sense that we share the obligatory act of observing and maintaining fellowship, brotherhood and sisterhood in Church context… oh, i hope you get the point!

I would like to believe that we are friends since there had been a sharing of secrets and disclosing of private and personal matters in the past and heretofore… I’m willing to be his friend, for one. I just don’t know the case in his part. Continue reading “Stench”

Mini Gods

We are all at the mercy of our Landlords – we who are mere Tenants. We, who rent and dwell temporarily… we, who merely ‘borrow” and beg for shelter through the language of money and negotiation. When the Landlord wills to take our humble abode, who are we to refuse? As long as we pay, we hold a small right, but when the paying stops, we lay no claim to any piece of land or territory. Continue reading “Mini Gods”