Mini Gods

We are all at the mercy of our Landlords – we who are mere Tenants. We, who rent and dwell temporarily… we, who merely ‘borrow” and beg for shelter through the language of money and negotiation. When the Landlord wills to take our humble abode, who are we to refuse? As long as we pay, we hold a small right, but when the paying stops, we lay no claim to any piece of land or territory.

There is a making of a miniature god in the person of a Landlord. I can  now grasp the magnitude of his power over mere tenants such as I. When a boy knocked on our door this morning and relayed a certain message, I have been made aware of the pitiable condition I am in. Such vulnerability challenged; such susceptibility to altering forces taxed. I am naked and exposed. I am at the mercy of someone’s discretion. I am a mere speck, whom a Mini-God can flick and snuff at will…

“The  Lord Alex wants to talk to you personally,” this, a command of some sort to Dale. I am to relay it to my darling husband who is at work, fending off irate clients, in the hopes of a commendation or a dint of miracle… anything…something to add to our meagre income and scant living resources. What does Lord Alex want to say? Are we going to receive some scolding for another delayed rent payment? But, our payments are up-to-date… he doesn’t have to worry…

I am shaken and intimidated on the inside.  There’s something about the reception of the boy’s message that gives me the jitters,  like I’m about to face God on HIS judgment seat… or a King in the throne room, with all his subjects and servants watching…

The mere act of sending someone to deliver a personal message is just so medieval. Medieval is frightening in this case.  It destabilizes my calm and fazes my composure…

Woe is our impoverished state. It makes me feel more vulnerable and defenseless.

I assured the boy that the message will be relayed and I politely thanked him for letting us know, at least. My eyes meant to queue something however. I meant to send this message across in my best non-verbal way:

“I hope you understand that you have been taken into our confidence, and I trust that you will not betray that confidence we gave you. Keep this matter hushed, discreet and in the quiet. I hope you may never allude to us as delinquent payers, as we are truly not as such. We may have failed to pay on time for the last two months, but we were able to pay nonetheless.  The situation is more nuanced than that.  

I hope this transaction never reaches malicious and malevolent ears through your probable and inevitable slip, miscalculation, miscalibration, and injudiciousness during  casual conversations with other people. People tend to be unguarded and vulnerable in casual moments; you are not exempted from such. I understand that those foibles may be present in you, as you are but a mere human being. So please… hush, hush…

I hope he gets it

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