Seymour Rebukes

“THERE are some individuals so inflated with self-sufficiency, and entertain such an overweaning opinion of their skill in all matters, that they must needs have a finger in every pie.”


Isn’t it nice to chance upon passages, verses and certain lines of thought from your readings, that resonate with you and whatever is going on with your life? Isn’t it equally nice to realize that somehow, there is a reflection of your true feelings from something or someone out there?

We are not alone, indeed. There are people who feel the same way as we do… and sometimes, they have the gift of expressing such kindred feeling in a manner that is more precise and beautiful. We could only resign and retort, “That’s exactly what I have meant to say!” and end up smiling in contentment as we are comforted with the fact that our feelings, though seemingly petty and non-sensical, are valid after all.

In the course of reading Sketches by Seymour today, I’ve come across an adage that resonates well with me. It is the aforementioned thought at the beginning of this entry. Though there are undercurrents of sarcastic impressions meant to expose and rebuke some faux pas during the era in which it was written, it still rings true today. I have believed heretofore, that I am opinionated and that, sometimes,  I can’t help having a say or a take in certain matters. I never thought of such character trait as negative… but then again, things change depending on how one looks. I paused to consider that perhaps, I have had the inclination of having an inflated ego after all and that I have believed and relied solely in my abilities too much.

Too much self-reliance?

I try not to be too much of something. Input from others is welcome. Besides, have I not believed hitherto that two heads are better than one and that we can always learn something from someone, regardless of that person’s capabilities.

Balance… balance… balance…

I burst my inflated balloon now before it gets bigger. I’m glad I have chanced upon this wisdom today. Some rebuke in some discreet way. What a way to start the day.

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