Extra Rolls

Ravings Two

When I bought these jeans, they fit perfectly.

How come I cannot get into them anymore?

What in the world is this? A muffin top? Ugh!!!

The problem with being curvy is that, curviness gets in the way of fitting perfectly into a pair of jeans. It’s true that your waist might measure 28 or 29 … 30 or 32 inches, but when you wear jeans “tailored” for that size, for some reason, there’s a protruding flesh at the waistband – spilling out. It’s like saying your body is just too much to contain…

Those are just the empty fats, I think; excess fat that take up space – making an otherwise perfect body shape less perfect through the addition of layers and layers of fat rolls.

Sometimes one can’t do away with these unwanted “stuffing” unless one diets and loses weight with conscious religious effort.

… or just buy jeans of a larger size and have it “customized” by a seamstress.

Bye, bye size 10. We’re not meant to be….

Size 14… 16…

That’s what is for me…



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