Ravings Three

I’ll probably stay at the bottom of the pyramid.


I’ll never be a flyer or the one on top of the pyramid.


It’s always like this anyway. Nothing new here…

Unless I dance in the moon…

Screw cheerdancing!

My back hurts.

Can’t I be excused? I don’t want footprints and shoe marks on my back, you see.

But I don’t have a choice. I’m the largest one in here… or the strongest and sturdiest looking.

Woe is me, a stocky being!

Big bones…

Why did I drink too much milk in the past?

Why did Mom feed me two eggs in between meals when I was a baby? And why,  oh, why did I gobble it up like they were MnM’s? Wasn’t I contented with one egg?

Oh, well. At least, I’m the foundation of the pyramid. Without me, these b****s, light as air, will fall.

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