I heard you on the phone
Soft tones…
gentle, even…
Do you fear she might get hurt?

You don’t talk to me like that.
In fact, we don’t talk anymore.
You hate my voice.
It irritates you.
This same voice that once hooked you 
– once had drawn you close.

You seem in a trance
… Enamored.
I saw that before
It was mine heretofore
When it was I whom you adored…


So careful…
You’re eyes are closed
To savor what she blurts…
Sly and cunning, flirts.

I caught you off-guard
You said how dare I eavesdrop!
You defend yourself again…
Make me feel my intelligence is one outta ten!

Enough, I say!
Nothing more you can slay.
My body shattered to pieces…
I’m broken and bruised
There’s no part of me that can stay.

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