Ravings Ten: Smallest Part

I can’t find a corseted swimwear.
Nevermind. I’ll look for something else.
I have to mind and consider dress cuts that emphasize the smallest part of the waist. They fit me best. Of course, a light weight material that flows over my euphemized curves will do the trick.
This just makes shopping and choosing a little bit more difficult for me. I can’t just get what I want from the rack. I have to want what flows and disguises; what hides, diverts, tricks and creates illusion.
Too bad my so-called smallest part isn’t that small. Does emphasizing it have any effect at all?

One thought on “Ravings Ten: Smallest Part

  1. Women need to embrace the “mom bod” the way men embrace the “dad bod.” There is nothing wrong with being curvy and you shouldn’t feel like you need a corset to go to the beach.

    I need to heed my own words. I have small fingers and wrists, which mean I can’t even claim to be big boned. *sigh*


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