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I’m starting to find my so-called niche in the realm of writing… ‘been writing since grade school for the sheer desire of writing. I won’t admit to being an excellent writer; I just could not. Nobody knows that I write, but me. But I love it and I need to do it.

pexels-photo-269810A SECRET WORLD is hidden within the pages of my notebooks, waiting to be unearthed and discovered. It has been lying there in the dust for years. Once it was accidentally seen by prying eyes and I fought desperately to conceal it. I was also once condemned to all sorts of guilt and error for keeping such WORLD, but I shrugged the judgment off and pressed on… to writing more and more – heeding less of hampering variables.

I’m a keeper of journals, diaries, and all sorts of unclassified write-ups. These are safely placed somewhere “out of reach of children”; and some place inaccessible to malicious minds. Should fire ravage my dwelling place, these writings will most certainly be the first to find safety.eye-shading-head-girl

These “things”- secrets and all, may just find their way out into the open; now that Blogging opened doors…

Basic things first.

stack-of-books-vintage-books-book-booksI’m a voracious reader. I’m addicted to reading. This is one guilty pleasure I just. could. not. let. go. It’s insidious that it almost morphs into sin.

Unfortunately, I’m not a traveler… not a fashion guru… not a food expert… not a brilliant photographer or any other type of in-demand personas usually required for influential writing. I’d rather stay at home and read a good book. Sorry to disappoint, but you see, dear reader, books are worlds in themselves. One can explore and travel through them; others get lost in them. I travel through them; I get lost in them. I’m open, however, to the possibility that I may change in the future; I may morph into a traveler, a fashion guru, a food lover, or a brilliant photographer. Who knows? Life is full of possibilities anyway. And there is change – change that is inevitable and permanent.

I love art, literature, classics, and all things creative, beautiful, and interesting. I’m all forpexels-photo1 the new, the unique, and the extraordinary. I at least, believe that I know how to appreciate, especially things that strike a chord in my heart and matters that keep the mind “well-oiled” and fueled.

If you must know, i’m a fan of period dramas and stories (Thomas Hardy what?), historical fiction, archeo-fiction, mystery and detective stories (obviously Sherlocked here) and well… beautifully crafted stories. (Do I need to hint Dickens, Austen, Bronte, and Collins?). I can’t favor just one because there is no one-to-one correspondence with regards to beauty and excellence. I find it ridiculously unfair to favor one beautiful thing over another beautiful thing. To me, judgment is relative. (Edith Wharton, Willa Cather,D. H. Lawrence…. yes, I hear yah, brah!)

Oh, I sing and dance, too.dance-ballet-powder-girl-40186 Whether I’m “good” at those… again, it is a relative judgment. I can assure you, however, that I’m perfectly aware if my pitch is off or if my dancing’s not in-sync with the beat. But I guess, reader, that you’re better.

I do try many things besides… like, hosting every now and then, joining a play or a choir, getting into leadership positions and all other trivialities and narrow concerns essential to life. Well… these are nothing, I know, but I guess I have got to mention it so you’ll get the hint that I don’t like to keep too many things to myself. I don’t mind disclosing bits and fragments of myself… what’s the point? Life is too short to be selfish. I’ve got to share while I can…

I have more than two decades of life-experience. These should suffice for an infinite source of ideas, but why stop? There are things yet to learn; there are things yet to be written about. There are lots of things to share and I can’t wait to start…


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