C & J

From Project: C & J

I etched our initials on a wooden desk;
C & J – to immortalize our love…
and mark this nest!
The next generation will see, that once, there had been…
Two young peas in a pod, playing love’s game.Connections

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Dreams Elementary

Don’t get me wrong, please. I’m not a “pedo” or some sick pervert with crafty notions of… Ah, what am I saying? Of course you already have notions in your head; first impressions and what not. My fault, really, for choosing this sucky introduction and not thinking further to improve such or to change it.

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Her Money’s Worth

She received an invitation from a family friend in abroad. It was an invitation to an 18th birthday. There was going to be a Debut party for a daughter and the celebration was going to be held in one of the cities in the Philippines. A hotel has been booked for the venue and for the guests. It was going to be a formal event – gowns, barong’s and fancy footwear.

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