My Poetry


Poems express so much emotion and so much honesty

Words become like shields,

protecting us from the direct assault of judgment.

It’s a mask that allows us to be

When the world is mean

Poems ring uncensored truths

Poems bear true feelings

When sometimes we’ve got no clue,

Poems give us the cue.


And yes, there’s a side to me that’s in love with poems even if I am not great at poem-writing myself. I feel like I need poetry to mean what I truly mean. It’s the best friend that realizes what I think and put thoughts and ideas into perfect words that can be better understood by readers.

I have rendered and set apart a page for poetry just so I could be identified a loyal friend and lover of the genre. I just have to share it, dear reader because they carry and bear the worst and best parts of me.

Everything that I tagged Poetry, is from my heart.



See My Poetry Collection?

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