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My Crazy High School Verses


Welcome to the world

where tears are pearls…

where thoughts are gold…

where ideas are diamonds…

where people are friends…

where teachers are lords…

where grades are powers…

where school is real life…


When I went through the phase of trying to be friends with everyone in high school and trying to please everybody in my small society, I learned many things… felt many things… hid many things… and said many things.

Do I have regrets?


For through these thoughts and feelings, I was ushered to maturity and I was able to see things in a different light. I’ve experienced the deep, however fleeting emotions of young love; the intense pang of rejection; the addictive habit of infatuation; the riveting force of passion; the cruel inveigle into concealing my true feelings; the mocking persuasion of bearing rejection and hidden love…

I commend my teenage-self for deciding to keep these thoughts and sentiments written. Although other pieces have been lost and destroyed forever, a good number have been saved.

It will be a challenge for the reader not to sneer and mock at the triviality and artless simplicity of these verses. They are, after all, poems and verses of a young, childish, impressionable, naïve, and gullible teenager. Do you expect her to mind the things that restrain a seasoned writer?

Dear reader, do not be harsh and cruel. Enjoy your position as the one with a wider perspective, for in reading these verses, you are granted that privilege. When the reading ends, you are your own self again.


Read My Crazy High School Verses

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