C & J

I etched our initials on a wooden desk;

C & J – to immortalize our love…

and mark this nest!

The next generation will see, that once, there had been…

Two young peas in a pod, playing love’s game.

I sit next to you day after day.

You seem shy and awkward,

But I understand that, Mr. J.

I know… you’re discrete and subtle

You don’t want to be too forward.

I chase you in circles during recess.

You run like the wind;

my feet can’t keep up.

You hope to tire me until I give up.

But I’m up for the challenge;

you know I won’t stop.

How funny you are;

you make me smile.

Your little quirks…

Your cute works…

At dismissal time…

You hurry outside…

You dash to your mom

Stick yourself to her side.

Aww, how clingy you are!

You find refuge in mommy.

That’s good; that’s perfect.

That’s commendable, honey.

Are you in a hurry to introduce me?

How silly are your ways, really.

Just wait for me, then.

I’ll be back in a jiffy.

I’ll fix myself first before I face your mommy.

Prep this; prep that.

Oooh! I think I’m pretty and ready.

But before I could say a word…

Dear J, you’re gone!

Have you gone home already?


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