The Old Muse

You yell at me
Like there’s no tomorrow.
Subjected me to scrutiny,
Drowning me more in sorrow.

Why speak ill of me
And defend her to my face?
Why am I the villain here,
And her, you veil with grace?

What’s so wrong with me
That you trade me so easily?
I don’t have pretty dresses, I know.
But I have a heart to love you so.

You fight with me,
So you could run to her.
Pretend you need consoling,
When it’s her warmth you’re craving.

Don’t make my failings an excuse
To cling to your new muse.
If I no longer amuse,
Our vows, do not misuse!

Set me free and let me be
If we are truly no more…
If you couldn’t see past my foibles,
Remember what we were before.

I could only shed tears.
Accept my pride’s defeat.
If it takes two to Tango,
Then I fear, I must dance solo.


Part of the Wife’s Tears Project

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