Her Money’s Worth

She received an invitation from a family friend in abroad. It was an invitation to an 18th birthday. There was going to be a Debut party for a daughter and the celebration was going to be held in one of the cities in the Philippines. A hotel has been booked for the venue and for the guests. It was going to be a formal event – gowns, barong’s and fancy footwear. Read more

You Used to…

You used to hug me from behind

Nuzzled your face close to my neck

You inhaled my scent

You said you loved me…

For years counting three

But now, you won’t even touch me!


I’m a fading glory

I’m haggard and worn

All because you let me be

Worthless and torn.

I will not cry
I will only lift my pen
Let the pointy thing cry
No, not I… Read more