Two Ionas in a Shell

One ripe afternoon, two college girls draped themselves on the steps of the stairs that skirted out of a great hall. One’s lithe body seemed haphazardly flung, like a strip of satin left to conform to the contours of solid marble. Almost in a sunbathing manner, her head was tilted upward – towards the sun – like a Sunflower absorbing solar power. Confidence emanated from her manner –the one who was the taller of the two.

The shorter girl kept more to herself, it seemed. Her palms were wedged in the space formed and pressed between the back of the thighs and the calves – a curious folded position that almost mimics that of a fetus. Clearly, what sprang forth from her was an impression of subjugation and reserve.

The two were complementary to each other.

The taller girl suddenly hoisted herself up and faced the shorter one. She was bent on saying something – a confession?… an idea?… an unveiling? Continue reading “Two Ionas in a Shell”

Grocery Shopping with a Grouchy Little Sister

Grocery Shopping with a Grouchy Little Sister

She did it again. My sister, I mean. After recently burying a misunderstanding with me, another one at its worst emerges from the ashes. Should I adjust again? Should I just concede and compromise because I’m older and because I’m supposed to be the “wiser” one? Continue reading “Grocery Shopping with a Grouchy Little Sister”

…A Guy Whom His Parents Nudged

I remember reading 12:40 on the clock. It was a high afternoon. I felt invigorated after a power nap. It was an hour after the church service ended.

That Sunday morning, the mood had been “okay” despite my expectations of grogginess and listlessness, since I stayed up late the night before. I wondered why my lack of sleep didn’t show on my face and I wondered why I still had energy… Continue reading “…A Guy Whom His Parents Nudged”