Carine’s Small Rebellion

It’s that time of the school year when students are obliged to “assess” their professors for the semester that is about to close. As much as Carine wanted to say bad things, diss, and look for something that contributes to a professor’s ruination, say, for the sake of attention, noise-making, talk, criticism, and childish fun, she could’nt conjure up anything of the destructive kind – nothing of the harmful vein. It wouldn’t be fair, you see. Even with a sometimes careless and imprudent heart with pessimistic inclinations, Carine upholds that truth is truth; facts are facts. What is obvious is clear... and what not.

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Two Ionas in a Shell

One ripe afternoon, two college girls draped themselves on the steps of the stairs that skirted out of a great hall. One’s lithe body seemed haphazardly flung, like a strip of satin left to conform to the contours of solid marble. Almost in a sunbathing manner, her head was tilted upward – towards the sun – like a Sunflower absorbing solar power. Confidence emanated from her manner –the one who was the taller of the two.

The shorter girl kept more to herself, it seemed. Her palms were wedged in the space formed and pressed between the back of the thighs and the calves – a curious folded position that almost mimics that of a fetus. Clearly, what sprang forth from her was an impression of subjugation and reserve.

The two were complementary to each other.

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