June Two-Oh-One-Three

Weddings will come…
Weddings will go…
Weddings have passed by me
Last June two-oh-one-three.

The veil has been lifted.
Nothing more to conceal.
Everything to reveal,
Shady mask to peel.

My flaws laid bare…
Exposed to mingle with your air.
Breathe in, if you dare.
I’ve given all to your care.

My foibles are toxic.
They may ruin your crown…
They may poison your being…
They may cause you to frown.

We vowed, “For better or for worse…”
But there’s more to words and promising…
There’s working, then sweating for fuel
To keep the fire burning.

I may be tempted once in a while
To claim the unclaimed freedom.
But for love’s sake that is beyond feeling,
A choice I made to love without much demanding.

When the veil was lifted,
My eyes finally did see,
The sharp clarity of certain things and reality,
That includes you and me and sundry…

It will take a conscious effort
To hold on tightly to keep you,
For you’re more than a romantic challenge
Not that which was conquered becomes useless.


You may lose your vigor, virility, and vitality,
But you’re more to me than a passing fancy.
I will not trade you for freedom…
Or any earthly wisdom…

Weddings will come…
Weddings will go…
Glad it came my way
And appointed you to stay.

Boy, You Are So…

Boy, will you ever be

A strange mass of curiosity

Why is there no certainty?

When will you commit to me?


My lips are sealed

My words concealed

My heart yearns

My heart breaks


Do I wait for the time

‘Til you’re finally mine?

Do I have a reward?

Man, this is so hard.


I can’t say anything

‘cause I have self-respect left

Lest you care less…

Perhaps some redress?


Do you know what you want?

I’m still here, you know

Your ever loyal confidant

Make up your mind, beau


You know this can’t go on

this has to end

I’m not your pawn

this time I won’t bend


1, 2, 3… and counting

Impatience ascending

Drop it like it’s hot!

Will you or will you not?


Fine, I’ll let you be

Don’t come crawling after me

Once I flee

We can never be.



Photo: Ikowh Babayev


A Clandestine Affair

I can’t quit you, poem

Even if prose calls me

You bear more than the other

To me, a better lover.

You reflect my heart perfectly

Showcasing my ability

Through you I can be honest

Showing me at my finest.

I wish people were like you

Sometimes they just don’t have a clue

They just don’t get my cue

Hence, leaving me so blue.

Poem, you are to me

A strange weave of curiosity

will you remain to be

A clandestine affair to me?

clandestine affair

                                           ♦ ♦ ♦