Passenger Seat

The car is sleek. It’s shiny and it’s black. He is eyeing it for months now – Lorenzo Saev, that’s who. He said he is going to trade the one he currently has for that sleek one.

“I need more space. I need a bigger build,” he said.

“What for?” she asked. “Don’t you like the small car we bought together?” Roonie Saev was curious. He just bought the smaller car last month… now he wants a bigger car? Why the sudden change of heart?

Lorenzo was determined to trade  the small car for the bigger car he was eyeing for months. And when he finally did…

“I’m gonna take it for a spin,” he said to Leticia with the dark eye shadow and red lipstick. “Wanna come with me?”

“Of course,” Leticia replied. She was flattered. “What about your wife, though? Shouldn’t she be the first to sit on the passenger seat?”

“Nah. She’ll have her time. For now, let us go.”

But Roonie never had that chance to ride in the sleek black car or to sit on the passenger seat. She wasn’t the first to smell new leather because Roonie’s heart failed her when she saw her Lorenzo with another woman in the passenger seat.

Grocery Shopping with a Grouchy Little Sister

Grocery Shopping with a Grouchy Little Sister

She did it again. My sister, I mean. After recently burying a misunderstanding with me, another one at its worst emerges from the ashes. Should I adjust again? Should I just concede and compromise because I’m older and because I’m supposed to be the “wiser” one?More

Bad Coffee

I fixed him coffee – hot and aromatic – just the way he likes it. I seriously hope that he will like it because last time, I screwed up on the coffee – creamer ratio. If such happens, he doesn’t drink the whole cup; sometimes, he just doesn’t drink it at all even after inhaling a lungful of that soothing caffeinated aroma that he is so addicted to. I mean, who turns down coffee just because it isn’t made as creamy or as sweet as preferred? He will only drink it all the way down if I got the ratios right.

That’s my husband – a man who is very particular with his wants and needs. He knows what he prefers and he is specific with all the things he chooses.

Even with me, his wife.


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