Frio who had an Afro

I remember him now – that guy on TV, the one who landed third place in Hear Ye, Theatre Calls. I can’t believe he lost to farmer boy, Venoit… but it is expected; Venoit performed better – best, I mean. The battle of a talent attuned to popular taste versus skill and expertise harnessed by training and theoretical knowledge.More

One Lifelong Wish


I love the way she sings.
It’s so unique.
I can’t do what she’s doing.
She’s better than me.
I want to sing like the way she does…
It seems so perfect; it seems so right
I wish we could sing together before a crowd.
It would be so fine.
A mother – daughter duet.
Oh, how brilliant the sound!
I feel so excited when she teaches me.
I long for the day she would sing with me.
That’s one lifelong wish…
I hope she could give me the chance.



From My Crazy High School Verses and My Poetry Collection