Series: Ravings of a Curvy Girl


Curvy is in.
With the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Amy Shummer & Meghan Trainor setting the trend, every girl with “extra pounds” and “extra cushioning” seems to have gained a boosted confidence of late. There seems to be no trouble being on the “thicker” and “heavier” side. If these celebrities could pull it off, so can normal human beings… right?
Or so I thought… Continue reading “Series: Ravings of a Curvy Girl”

Refusing to Clean Up After One’s “Accidents”: A Justification

Potty-train a baby as early as possible, they say. It’s easy to  say and advise parents this when one is a mere onlooker – separate and detached from the actual situation. It was easy for me to say this hitherto, when I was still learning about it in school. What with all those theories on a person’s development and psychology… Continue reading “Refusing to Clean Up After One’s “Accidents”: A Justification”